Al Shindagha Museum

Either you are a resident of the UAE or a guest, we encourage you to visit Al Shindagha Museum, Dubai. It is the best place to find out about the history, culture and the rich heritage of the Emirates.

Duration: 2 hours
Offered languages: العربية, English


  • Entry to all operational Al Shindagha Houses (21 Museums)
  • Group Tours

Not Included

  • Private Tours
  • Transportation

Al Shindagha Museum shows the rich cultural heritage of Dubai, traditions, customs and culture. The museum is intended not only to celebrate the pride of Emiratis for their past but also to teach visitors history and culture. Al Shindagha Museum contains hundreds of proofs of the evolution of the UAE.

“Nowadays the museum consists of 21 houses that offer innovative educational programs for kids, students, families and private groups. By means of exhibits, modern installations and interactive devices, visitors can get to know cross-cultural aspects of the UAE.

Opening hours
From 10 am to 8 pm daily.

US$ 6