Hatta Wadi Hub

If you think about escaping a hectic Dubai for a while or unleash the adventurer within you, welcome to Hatta Wadi Hub. It is located in the mountain town of Hatta also known for unbelievable nature and stunning reddish mountains. Hatta Wadi Hub may be called a hive of adventures offering more than 25 outdoor activities and attractions. It is a great destination for those who are looking for adrenaline rush experience as well as for those who enjoy being in harmony with nature.

Operating Hours: 
Midweek: 7 am to 9 pm | Weekend: 7 am to 12 mid night | Timings may vary. Call 048522200

Getting There

  • Bus/Taxi: YThere are two options to choose from. Either you can take buses from Sabkhka, Bus Station 1 to Hatta Wadi Hub or RTA buses or taxis( those can be more expensive).
  • Car: The distance from the Dubai Airport is 130 kilometers which takes 90 minutes to drive there. E102 from E44 or E611 are the shortest ways to Hatta.
  • Parking: There is a free parking space and caravan parking facilities onsite.

Ticket price includes entrance to Hatta Wadi Hub and access to more than 25 outdoor activities.

Here is a rundown of  Adventures – Outdoor Activities at Hatta Wadi Hub ticket prices:
• Net Walkway from 15.00 AED (4.21 USD)
• Small Plunge from 15.00 AED (4.21 USD)
• Big Plunge from 25.00 AED (7.02 USD)
• Axe Throwing from 25.00 AED (14.03 USD)
• Archery from 30.00 AED (8.42 USD)
• Climbing Wall from 30.00 AED (8.42 USD)
• Cannon from 75.00 AED (21.05 USD)
• Hatta Drop-In from 90.00 AED (25.26 USD)
• Zip Line – 1 Round from 110.00 AED (30.87 USD)


US$ 4