Inside Burj Al Arab

What to Expect?

  • A fascinating 90 minute privately-guided tour enables visitors to see all the luxury of the place, learn curious facts about its history and experience a lot of memorable moments.
  • Reveal what’s hidden behind the doors of iconic hotel in Dubai and satisfy your curiosity by listening untold stories about it.
  • Enjoy the spectacular innovative architecture of one of the most attractive landmarks in the UAE.
  • Spend fun time by reliving history by means of digital interactives.

History & Architectural Design
The design of Burj Al Arab was created by a famous architect Tom Wright and interior designer Khuan Chew. The building has an absolutely unique look and outstanding style of architecture. The tour shows how the building has been designed starting from choosing patterns, colors and first hand-drawn sketches.

Iconic Photo Moments
A tour inside Burj Al Arab will not be so fun if you won’t take photos of the special moments. You will be surprised to find plenty of beautiful interior and exterior backgrounds for your memorable pics there.

A Guided Royal Tour
Check out the luxury of the Royal Suite and get to know about its history and main events related to it.
The 90 minute tour is accompanied by a guide who knows all the secrets and untold stories.

Elevate Your Experience
Depending on the time you choose for your trip, you may indulge in either mouth-watering pastries and fresh juices in the morning, signature cocktails and tea in the afternoon and an incredibly delicious dinner at the end of the day.

Kids Club
In case you are attending the tour with children, make use of the Kids Club. A professional day care team will look after your kids while you will enjoy the tour.

Inside Burj Al Arab Boutique
Don’t miss the opportunity to buy some souvenirs and trinkets at Inside Burj Al Arab Boutique. They will be a great present for your close ones or a memento of an event for you.

Getting Inside Burj Al Arab you will be astounded by the luxurious environment, arabic hospitality and a great service.  Burj Al Arab excursions include visiting the atrium with fountains, entering the Royal Suite, open air lounge where you will be able to enjoy an incredible sunset view.

Take a guided tour and you will learn in detail what is inside Burj Al Arab. The butler who will accompany you during the 90 minute tour will tell you about the history of the hotel, architecture and main events that had taken place there.  Inside Burj Al Arab tour price includes all the entertainments mentioned above. But for an additional charge you may have even much more. You may enhance your experience by having dinner at the local restaurant at sunset hours or buying souvenirs at the boutique.

Opening Hours
Sunday – Saturday: 09:30 am – 08:30 pm.

US$ 36