Inside Burj Al Arab Tour – UMA Sunset



Burj Al Arab ticket price varies depending on the age of a visitor. For kids from 4-12 years old visit tickets come with a discount. Booking a ticket online on our ticketing platform allows users to see sold and available time slots and plan their trip in advance.


History & Architectural Design
The design of Burj Al Arab was created by a famous architect Tom Wright and interior designer Khuan Chew. The building has an absolutely unique look and outstanding style of architecture. The tour shows how the building has been designed starting from choosing patterns, colors and first hand-drawn sketches.

Iconic Photo Moments
A tour inside Burj Al Arab will not be so fun if you won’t take photos of the special moments. You will be surprised to find plenty of beautiful interior and exterior backgrounds for your memorable pics there.

Seize the unique chance of getting inside Burj Al Arab. Join an exclusive 90-minute tour and listen to the most curious stories about the legendary place. Getting Inside Burj Al Arab you will be astounded by the luxurious environment, arabic hospitality and a great service. Burj Al Arab excursions include visiting the atrium with fountains, entering the Royal Suite, open air lounge where you will be able to enjoy an incredible sunset view.

Opening Hours

Sunday – Saturday: 09:30 am – 08:30 pm.

US$ 98