The View at the Palm

The Palm Tower is located on the roof of Nakheel Mall. Before starting a memorable journey, visit the museum and gallery situated in the mall. There you will find out a story about how Palm Jumeirah was designed and built. Take an elevator to have a 3 minute overwhelming ride to the observation deck. The view from the Palm Tower lift will provide you with the feeling of growing anticipation of something special. However, the real view will exceed your expectations.

The View At The Palm tickets price differs depending on the age of a visitor. Kids below 11 can get to Palm Jumeirah observation deck with a discount.

Palm Jumeirah is another man-made wonder of Dubai. In fact, it is a signature feature of the city and thus attracts a lot of visitors. The island looks spectacular being shaped like a palm tree with a trunk and fronds. However, the beauty of the island can be seen only from the top view. Previously, tourists were able to enjoy it only from a helicopter. Today, everyone can admire the panoramic, 360-degree view of Palm Jumeirah from an observation deck. It is especially good news for tourists who are not fond of flying and prefer watching the island standing on a firm floor of a view deck.

Monday to Thursday: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Last entry will be 09:00 pm

Friday to Sunday: 9:00 to 12:00 am
Last entry will be 11:00 pm

US$ 19