ZIVERT: Big Solo Concert Live in Dubai

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The idol of the public, the passionate, vibrant and vigorous Zivert will perform her first solo concert at Dubai’s largest venue, Coca-Cola Arena, on April 30, 2023.

This is expected to be the highlight of the spring.

With her excellent vocals, impressive show, professional choreography, and the highest quality sound and special effects, Zivert has set high standards for herself since the start of her musical career in 2017, aiming to become an artist of the highest class and to gain worldwide popularity.

The compositions that the singer performs literally shoot out, becoming hits on the spot and winning the hearts of thousands of fans.

The singer is fluent in English, her repertoire half consists of the English-language songs. Her immense talent and irrepressible energy, original performing style (which Zivert herself describes as vintage pop), genuine multiculturalism are the key to the singer’s success and promise to turn her into one of the most popular contemporary singers.

The audience will enjoy a first-class show, as for the first time the Russian-speaking artist will perform on such а grand scale on the largest stage in Dubai.

  • SHOW STARTS AT 9:00 PM with supporting act