Avoid Dress Code Mistakes That Are Easily Avoidable

Ask anyone nowadays about the dress code in Dubai and they might wonder, what dress code?

However, no matter what sights you see in the malls or on Dubai Metro or at one of Dubai’s beaches, there is in fact… YES, there IS a Dubai dress code in place.

The UAE is a multi-cultural country, and so all who live, work and visit here are encourage to be respectful of those around them – which means dressing appropriately when out and about.

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Sure, there are those that don’t abide by the dress code in place, but believe us when we say there is one in place. By following it, we assure you, life will be much easier here.

So if you’re confused on how to dress in Dubaihere’s 8 no-no’s that are totally avoidable when dressing yourself on a morning.

1. Short shorts

Avoid hot-pants and really short shorts; they’re great for when you’re in your own home or back garden, but sporting them to The Dubai Mall is discouraged. Instead opt for knee-length shorts, or even airy linen trousers so you’re still comfortable in the heat.

2. Short or mini skirts

As above, avoid short skirts – especially mini-skirts. Not only is it part of the dress code in Dubai, but it’s also a little cringey for other members of the public to see your rear poking out accidentally. A maxi or knee-length skirt would work much better and ensure both yourself and those around you are comfortable.

3. Exposure of your midriff and back

Albeit trendy and popular in high street stores, tops or dresses that expose your stomach or lower back are best to be avoided entirely.

4. Bikini tops

No, you should NOT don a bikini top with jeans or shorts to wear in a public place in Dubai. Not only are they swimwear attire, but they’re also highly inappropriate if worn anywhere other than the beach or pool.

5. Sheer clothing

Adding to point 4, that doesn’t mean you should walk with a sheer top or dress on over your bikini – or worse – underwear. Anything that shows your undergarments should be completely avoided.

6. Excessively tight clothing

Not only would you be a tad uncomfortable in Dubai’s climate, excessively tight clothing is frowned upon in Dubai, as the dress code discourages wearing these types of clothing entirely. While you assume this just means bodycon dresses, it also includes skinny jeans and tight tops.

7. Tank tops and sleeveless shirts

To ensure respect for the UAE’s cultural norms, it’s best to avoid flashing your shoulders with a tank top or sleeveless shirt. If there’s one piece you simply can’t part with, just combine it with a light cardigan or pashmina to help cover them up.

8. String vests

While great for inserting under another top or cardigan, wearing a string vest alone should be avoided – for the same reasons as tank tops and sleeveless shirts.

9. Plunging necklines

Don’t be deterred from V-necks permanently, but do avoid wearing excessively plunging necklines – you know, those types that might show a little side-b. While you might be able to pull the look off, just think of the rest of us who don’t necessarily want to see the top of your belly button.

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