Burj Khalifa has two new LED light shows for Ramadan

Burj Khalifa has two brand new LED light shows taking place daily during Ramadan. Both displays have been created by artists who have had their work beamed onto the Burj Khalifa before.

One of the shows is making a return for the second year in a row. The display is a digital representation of prolific artist, Art Noor’s paintings inspired by the 99 names of Allah, which were exhibited at The Dubai Mall and on Burj Khalifa during Ramadan 2018. The 99 paintings took 15 years to complete.

The second three-minute show is by a designer who is also familiar with seeing his work displayed on the world’s tallest building. Karl Taylor-Knight is the designer behind some of the Burj Khalifa’s most creative and colourful graphic displays. His new show is accompanied by oriental music and features a crescent moon, Arabic lanterns and a series of gold Arabic geometric patterns.

Daily shows run from 7.45pm to 10.45pm, and take place hourly from Sundays to Wednesdays and every half an hour from Thursdays to Saturdays until Eid.