Dubai Airport Terminal 3 Dining Options

Terminal 3 offers a diverse range of international dining options, from high-end restaurants to popular outlets, all the way to your departure gate. Whether you want a full meal or a quick snack, there’s something for everyone.

The Sports Shack

The Sports Shack is your 24/7 sports bar destination. Enjoy casual dining and entertainment with big screens, video games, and a pool table.
Location : T 3 – Departures


At Delizie, satisfy your daily cravings, keeping dietary needs at the forefront— choose your base, toppings with a range of fresh produce and customise your food experience.
Location : T3 – Depatures

Main Menu | Drinks Menu


When you’re in the mood for a customized sub sandwich, head to Subway. Here, you have the freedom to craft your sandwich just the way you like it, from selecting your choice of bread to adding your favorite fillings and sauces.
Location : T3- Depatures

Burger King

Indulge in a regal dining experience with Whoppers, flame-grilled burgers, as well as crispy and tender chicken sandwiches and wraps at Burger King
Location : T3- Depatures

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a modern ‘roadside’ burger stand at DXB, offering delectable burgers, fries, hot dogs, custard, and coffee. Fun fact: DXB boasts the inaugural airport Shake Shack!
Location : Concourse A (Near Gate A10)

Nutella Cafe

The Nutella Café, the region’s pioneer, is a must for hazelnut spread enthusiasts, featuring delightful waffles and pancakes generously coated in Nutella goodness.
Location 1 : Arrivals – Opposite to taxi exit
Location 2 : Concourse B (Near Gate B28)

Treehouse Juicery

At Treehouse Juicery, you can meet your daily fruit and veggie quota deliciously. Enjoy cold-pressed juices, delightful smoothies, organic salads, light sandwiches, and specialty coffees, all in one healthy stop.
Location 1 : Concourse A (Near Gate A12)
Location 2 : Concourse B (Near Gate B12)

Cho Gao

Cho Gao is your destination for the finest Asian cuisine, offering delectable Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian-inspired dishes. Immerse your taste buds in exotic Eastern flavors while enjoying the beautifully decorated ambiance.
Location 1 : Concourse A (Near Gate A6)

Asian Street Kitchen

From fried chicken to noodles, ramen, dumplings, and much, much more, Asian Street Kitchen has a little Far East something for everyone.
Location 1 : Concourse A
Location 2 : Concourse A (Near Gate A21)

Jack’s Bar & Grill

Visit Jack’s Bar & Grill for a diverse range of American-inspired bar food options. Take your pick from burgers, salads, entrees, and a variety of delectable dishes.
Location 1 : Concourse A (Near Gate A15)


Bottega is your go-to spot for Italian-inspired cuisine and perfectly matched beverages. Their contemporary menu features comforting dishes like creamy spinach, ricotta, and provola cheese-stuffed risotto balls or fresh sourdough adorned with sweet cherry tomatoes, garlic, and basil.
Location 1 : Concourse A (Near Gate A10)

Flour + Stone

Flour + Stone offers freshly baked global bread varieties in a funky setting, spanning countries like France, Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, India, and Mexico, with both seating and a convenient grab-and-go counter for travelers on the move.
Location 1 : Concourse C
Location 2 : Concourse A (Near Gate A3)

Caffe Nero

Enjoy freshly-ground Italian coffee and wholesome food in a relaxed atmosphere at Caffe Nero.
Location 1 : Concourse B
Location 2 : Concourse B (Near Gate B15)


Looking for a quick and tasty bite? Pick up fresh snacks on the go at Grabb’it.
Location : Concourse B (Near Gate B8)

Desi Lunch Box

North Indian Snack Boxes
Location : Departures Area


Chocolate confectionery store for the world famous button shaped chocolates
Location : Concourse A

Food Plus

Explore DDF Foodplus at Dubai Duty Free for a one-stop shop experience, with chocolates, confectioneries, and toys available throughout Dubai International Terminals.
Locations : Concourse B

Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger is renowned for its daily, in-house preparation of sustainably-sourced, preservative-free meals, including hearty soups, sandwiches, salads, pastries, and freshly-ground organic coffee.
Locations :Concourse A, Concourse A (Near Gate A22)

Get your Fix

Get Your FIX” at DXB is the ultimate specialty coffee house, serving expertly crafted coffee by skilled baristas using various brewing techniques like chemex, siphon, and nitro for the perfect cup
Location 1 :Concourse A
Location 2 : Concourse A (Near Gate A13)


McDonald’s sandwiches, from the iconic Big Mac to the Premium Grilled Chicken Club and classic Cheeseburger, are freshly made, delicious, and truly satisfying, enhancing your meal experience.
Location 1 :Concourse C
Location 2 : Concourse A (Near Gate A15)
Location 3 : Concourse B (Near Gate B26)
Location 4 : Concourse A


Originating in the UK, this family-friendly restaurant offers an internationally-inspired menu featuring both comforting classics and adventurous dishes with a unique ‘Giraffe twist’ from around the globe
Location 1 :Concourse B
Location 2 : Concourse A (Near Gate A19)
Location 3 : Concourse A

Jones the Grocer

DXB’s Jones the Grocer is loaded with tasty and healthy deli items like single origin coffees, sandwiches, salads, soups and hearty mains. All items are made fresh daily and packed ready for take-out.
Location 1 :Concourse A (Near Gate A3)
Location 2 : Concourse A (Near Gate A6)

Comptoir Libanais

This colourful and kitsch restaurant, offers a taste of contemporary Lebanon, serving up best-selling dishes for dine-in or grab-go.
Location 1 : Concourse A (Near Gate A3)

Cadiz Ahlan Lounge

Feast on international flavours in a cosy and relaxed setting with wood panelling and a stunning view of the concourse. From club sandwiches to chicken satay, there’s something for everyone in Cadiz.
Location 1 : Upper Level, Concourse B (Near Gate B26)

Hard Rock Cafe

DXB boasts its own branch of the renowned Hard Rock Cafe (HRC), a licensed restaurant offering grab-and-go food, live entertainment, and an enduring collection of music memorabilia that never loses its appeal.
Location 1 : Concourse C
Location 2 : Concourse B (Near Gate B23)


Enjoy fresh sandwiches and coffee at O’Briens, a relaxed and friendly Irish café
Location 1 : Concourse B


Starbucks celebrates the rich tradition of coffee while offering a feeling of community and a comfortable third place away from the demands of work and home.
Locations : Terminal -3 | Concourse A | Arrivals | Concourse B (Near Gate B21) | Concourse C (Near Gate C1) | Concourse C (Near Gate C17) | Concourse B

The Daily DXB

The Daily DXB is a collection of five stalls under one roof, offering street food classics from Hawaii, Italy, Hong Kong and Southern USA. Enjoy wood-fired pizzas, fresh poke bowls, spicy noodles, fried chicken and much more!
Location : Concourse B (Near Gate B8)

The Gallery

Located on the mezzanine level, with a sweeping view over the concourse, The Gallery offers an international a la carte menu that’s sure to suit all palates.
Location : Concourse B (Near Gate B8)

The Hangar

Relax and watch the game in this industrial chic, aviation-themed sports bar, serving up delicious pub classics with a unique twist.
Location : Concourse B (Near Gate B7)


Tranzeet DXB uniquely blends retro Americana with Arabian flavors, offering stylish retro décor and a diverse menu that caters to all tastes, from fluffy cinnamon apple pancakes to shakshuka eggs and loaded bagels.
Location : Concourse B (Near Gate B9)

Food Village

Food Village DXB is a culinary haven, offering seven diverse outlets in one spot, ranging from fast food favorites like McDonald’s and KFC to international flavors like Middle Eastern kebabs, American-Chinese, and more.
Location : Concourse C (Near Gate C23)


French bakery Paul offers breakfast bites, stuffed croissants, sandwiches, soups, cakes and pastries, plus all your favourite hot beverages.
Location : Concourse C (Near Gate C23)

Sky Bar

Sky Bar offers a serene setting to savor diverse international cuisines while enjoying panoramic views of the airstrip.
Location : Concourse C (Near Gate C13)


Experience Arabian hospitality at this contemporary Emirati restaurant, drawing inspiration from the traditional coffeehouses of old Dubai and the charming alleys of the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood.
Location : Concourse C (Near Gate C22)


Enjoy a range of tasty bar snacks washed down with an ice-cold glass of hops.
Location : Concourse C (Near Gate C23)


Costa offers a delightful range of food and beverages, from classics like the Flat White and Frostino to a delicious variety of sandwiches, snacks, and pastries.
Location : Concourse A- Train Connections | Concourse C | Concourse B | Concourse A | Arrivals | Departures | Concourse B | Concourse A (Near Gate A24) | Concourse B (Near Skytrain and Gate B17) | Concourse B, Family Zone (Near Gate B27)