Dubai Airport Warns Against Social Media Luggage Scam

Dubai International Airport (DXB) has issued a cautionary alert to passengers regarding fraudulent activities on Facebook and Instagram involving fake profiles selling lost luggage. The airport, known for its status as the world’s busiest for the ninth consecutive year, emphasized that it is not associated with these scams, stating, “We’re here for take-offs, not rip-offs.”

The warning encourages travelers to remain vigilant and avoid engaging with any suspicious offers related to lost luggage. DXB, which handles a staggering number of bags each year, highlighted the seriousness of the issue and advised passengers not to click on any dubious links or profiles.

The airport’s Baggage Handling System (BHS) processes millions of bags annually using innovative conveyor belts and lifts. dnata, responsible for baggage movement at DXB, ensures precise handling to match items with the correct aircraft. Despite the advanced technology in place, the alert reminds passengers of the potential for scams and emphasizes the importance of staying informed and cautious.

In the event that passengers cannot locate their baggage at the terminal, the alert provides guidance on reporting and claiming lost items. Passengers are instructed to file a report at the baggage services desk, and the baggage is tracked using a unique reference number. The alert serves as a reminder for travelers to exercise caution online and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.

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