Dubai International: 2023’s Busiest Airport for Outbound Traffic

Based on the latest findings from the ForwardKeys report, Dubai International airport (DXB) is projected to maintain its position as the world’s busiest airport for outbound traffic in 2023. The analysis considered data from the first seven months of the year, coupled with predictions for the remaining months.

DXB’s traffic is expected to be approximately 1% lower than the levels recorded in 2019, surpassing London’s Heathrow, which ranks second, and Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport, in third place. Heathrow’s traffic is on course to be 2% higher than pre-pandemic figures, while the Paris airport lags behind by about 10%.

Dubai International airport’s strong performance is attributed to its exceptional connectivity and its strategic location as a global hub, particularly benefiting from the resurgence of European, North American, and Indian travel. Additionally, the report anticipates a further increase in outbound seat capacity, thanks to the ongoing recovery of long-haul travel from China.

In the same region, Qatar’s Hamad International Airport has risen six places to ninth place in the rankings, contributing 1% of global outbound traffic, with levels exceeding pre-pandemic figures by 15%.