Emirates plans to launch Netflix-style service for passengers

Emirates is planning to launch a Netflix-style service that will let passengers stream their favourite shows and movies on demand. Travellers will be able to log in and receive customised recommendations that are generated using artificial intelligence. The Dubai airline plans to tailor content based on passengers’ age, language and preferences – saving those long scrolls through hundreds of different options at the start of a journey.

According to Patrick Brannelly, Emirates’ divisional vice president of customer experience, the system will be rolled out next year. He told Arabian Business: “The idea is that you log-in to a seat, just the same as you would log in to Netflix. “For example, if you log in to a system and you choose to watch a German movie, you’re probably German, so let’s bring all the other German content to the top. “If you’re watching a film for a four-year-old you’re probably young, so let’s bring the younger content to the top.” He added: “People want stuff that is relevant to them and they want to get to it quickly.”

Earlier this year, the airline revealed a new feature on its app that lets customers create personalised playlists before their flight and sync it to their seats once on board. Passengers can choose from over 1,000 movies, TV box sets, and listen to tens of thousands of music tracks, podcasts and games before they board the flight.

All you need to do is download the Emirates App, go to My Trips, choose your booking, browse through the channels in the catalogue and start adding your favourites. Once on the plane, connect to the OnAir Wi-Fi and follow the syncing process so it connects to your seat’s screen – and just like that, your playlist is ready.