Global Village Dubai: Ripley’s Believe It or Not to unveil 50 new ‘weird’ exhibits

Global Village’s Ripley’s Believe It Or Not will unveil a 4Dx moving theatre and a ‘dark gallery’ among 50 new iconic exhibits.

Season 26 is all set to get a facelift, as the multicultural festival park’s museum is gearing up to once again transport guests on a journey of the world’s weirdest and wackiest oddities.

The attraction has promised momentous upgrades at the unique Odditorium, including new exhibits and an upgraded experience at the Mirror Maze.

Naveen Jain, business development director at Global Village said, “Every season we want to wow our guests with new and exciting things. This season, we are bringing over 50 new and iconic exhibits to Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum attraction as well as a frightening new gallery. Together with the 4Dx theatre and the upgraded mirror maze, we’re pretty sure that our guests will be strangely delighted by all the weirdness!”

The attraction boasts six unique galleries, showcasing a diverse collection of rare real-life exhibits and hands-on interactive experiences.

Visitors can discover over 250 rare artefacts, unbelievable exhibits, wax figures of strange, unusual and historical people, interactive games, and a mind-bending Vortex Tunnel. Guests will also be privy to mind-boggling exhibits of ancient prison punishment.

The upcoming 4Dx Moving Theatre will deliver an immersive experience unlike any in the region, featuring “Three Degrees of Freedom” — a unique motion experience powered by 4Dx effects and virtual reality features.

Guests will feel the movement of the on-screen action in the spacious motion seats, experience water effects such as mist and rain, experience wind with a gentle breeze or a turbulent storm, and smell a variety of scents.

Similarly, Ripley’s Marvellous Mirror Maze – that boasts over 100 mirrors, LED lighting and digital sound – will be upgraded with immersive water and Augmented Reality (AR) features.

Global Village received over 4.5 million visitors in its 25th Silver Jubilee season, during which it broke the record for the highest altitude (skydiving) firework display.