Highlights from the 28th Edition of Dubai’s Gulfood Expo

Dubai’s Gulfood Expo, the world’s largest F&B sourcing event, recently concluded its 28th edition with great success. Leading F&B industry names displayed their finest food items under one roof for 5 days. Our curated list features eye-catching items that were pretty, unique, or quirky.

1. Roohafza Tea

One of the most unique items we saw at the exhibition was the Roohafza tea by Cup-ji. Made in ready-to-sip cups, the tea brings the familiar notes of the popular Roohafaza flavor as a cuppa. Nominated for the Gulfood innovation awards 2022, Cup-ji comes in mesh cups that only needs some hot water to make tea on the go. Other unique flavours by the brand includes mango tea and paan tea.

2. Potato Cheez

Made from 100 per cent potatoes, Cheez is lactose free, plant-based and vegan “cheese”. A healthy and more cost-effective alternative to regular cheese, it can be used as a topping and filling.

3. Eat the ball

Looking for a snack to eat while watching a game of football or rugby? Then Austrian company Bread in its best shape has you sorted. This eat the ball snack has a creamy hazelnut filling with cocoa inside bread that is shaped like a rugby ball.

4. Tri-coloured cheese

Ever heard of tomato cheese? Or pesto cheese? Or even better, tri-coloured cheese that is a mixture of tomato, basil and white cheese? The brand Veldhuyzen was a must-stop stall for cheese lovers as they brought these different varieties as well as Zaatar cheese to the fore.

5. Hot Chili Honey

If a dash of heat with some honey is your kind of thing, then look no further. The hot honey chili sauce with Habanero pepper is perfect to go with your snacks. The company also has different kinds of hot honey sauce with Jalapeno peppers as well as wasabi to kick the spice level up a notch.

6. Shawarma Cheese

We can never pass up the opportunity to have some delicious cheese. So, imagine our joy when we found a stall that stacked up cheese to make it like a shawarma. Imagine the ooey, gooey, stringy cheese snack that it made. Definitely a winner in our eyes.

7. Petals tart shells

While tart shells have become common, the petal tart shells at Gulfood caught our eyes for its vibrant colours, unique shape and practicality. Other than tart shells, there were pre-made bonbons, macaroons, cheesecake and a wide variety of confectionery items. According to the company, these items save hundreds of man hours for chefs, helping them concentrate on sharpening their cooking skills.

8. Jeera fizz and super sprout

Jeera (cumin) water is famous for its digestive properties. An Indian company is putting out jeera fizzy drinks as well as a super seven sprout snack. Ready by just boiling it for 5 minutes, the super sprout was shortlisted for Gulfood Innovation awards 2023 for its practicality