Mobile Plan for visitor to the UAE

Prepaid mobile packages for visitors from Etisalat and UAE

Ahlan – Mobile Package

Ahlan is a prepaid mobile package for visitors to the UAE.
Ahlan lets you avoid expensive international roaming charges when visiting the UAE. You also benefit from competitive call rates when phoning home.
Ahlan includes 90 minutes of local calls and 9 free texts to any national or international number. We also offer you a complimentary 3 minute international call to anywhere in the world.
Best of all, Ahlan only costs AED90 (US$25.00). So now you’ve got every reason to use your mobile phone when visiting the UAE.
To top up your Ahlan account, just buy an Etisalat Prepaid card and follow the instructions for use, which are printed in English on the back of every card. Prepaid cards are widely available across the UAE. Your Ahlan pack is valid for 90 days and is non-renewable.

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