At the Top Burj Khalifa +Sky Views

At the Top Burj Khalifa + Sky Views Dubai Experience

  • Entry to 124th & 125 floor of Burj Khalifa
  • Access to Open-Air  terrace at Burj Khalifa
  • Entry access to Sky Views Observatory
  • One Complimentary Glass Slide per ticket

Make a good deal by buying Burj Khalifa level 124 & 125 At the Top entrance ticket that also includes admission to Sky Views Dubai.

  •  The combo ticket costs cheaper than a total for two separate tickets to the venues.
  • The price for a ticket depends on the age of a visitor.
  • Kids from 4 to 12 may visit Burj Khalifa At the Top at a discounted ticket price.
  • Online booking helps choose the best suitable time for your trip without rush and plan a visit to the venues in advance.

$ 70

At The Top at Burj Khalifa is one for the books, whether you’re a resident or a visitor, you can’t miss the extraordinary experience of being on top of the world’s tallest building, 124th & 125th floor.
Tickets to this attraction gets you entry access to At The Top Burj Khalifa 124th and 125th floor as well as the newest attraction in Downtown, Sky Views Observatory with Glass Slide located 219 meters above Dubai.
Embrace the joy of admiring a spectacular view from top Burj Khalifa,124th and 125 floors and feeling adrenaline rush from Sky Views Dubai attraction.

At the Top, Burj Khalifa + Sky Views opening hours:
from 9:00 am to 11 pm. (Last entry)

Burj Khalifa At the Top Burj Khalifa +Sky Views
$ 70