Smurfs Village- The latest attraction to open at Dubai Miracle Garden

Many of the Dubai attractions that closed their doors for the summer will be reopening. The list includes Dubai Safari Park which opened up at the end of September but if you’ve missed your visits to the very colourful Dubai Miracle Garden, we have great news as it is going to reopen its doors in November.

Dubai Miracle Garden has been welcoming visitors to the world’s largest natural flower garden for ten years and to celebrate the anniversary, there’s a new attraction to check out – an all-new Smurfs Village.

What will you find on the inside?

The Smurfs are small, blue creatures who live in a community of mushroom-shaped houses in their own harmonious village.

Visitors to Smurf Village will be able to experience the world of the beloved blue creatures through the landscape arrangements. They will even be able to explore the Smurf’s home – a forest of mushroom houses. There will be a whole section with a stretch of vibrant and fascinating natural colourful flowers and plants – perfect for that next family photo.

Additionally, there’s are Smurf topiaries (plant sculptures) and a Smurf activity area. In true Dubai style, the attraction is going after another Guinness World Record and residents are invited. Keep your eyes peeled on @dubaimiraclegarden for more information.

Other popular floral masterpieces remain such as the iconic Emirates A380 the world’s largest flower structure, the floating lady, teddy bear and more.

Engineer Abdel Naser Rahhal, Creator & Co-Founder of Dubai Miracle Garden and Vice Chairman of Cityland Group stated, ‘With the Expo 2020 here, we at Dubai Miracle Garden want to surprise and amaze the world with the exciting series of new designs and displays that will take the Grand Floral Show to new extents.’