LEGO’s Largest Airport Store opens at Dubai International

Lagardere Travel Retail, in collaboration with Lego Travel Retail, has proudly inaugurated the world’s largest Lego store at Dubai International Airport. Situated at the B Gates in Terminal 3, the expansive 190-square-meter store is ingeniously designed to resemble colossal Lego bricks. Boasting interactive zones aimed at sparking creativity, the store invites patrons to immerse themselves in the boundless possibilities of the Lego universe.

Upon entering the store, visitors are welcomed by an interactive experience, allowing them to scan their hand on the Minifigure Scanner, magically bringing the Lego Minifigure to life on the screen.

Inside, customers can peruse a diverse selection of both classic and the latest Lego sets, carefully curated to cater to all age groups. The store introduces the Digibox, an augmented reality solution that breathes life into Lego sets. By presenting a creator set in front of the screen’s camera, patrons can witness a short animation of the set being built, with movable elements appearing in real-time.

A standout feature of the store is the mosaic wall showcasing the iconic Dubai skyline. Crafted over 134 hours using 33,219 bricks and weighing 62 kilograms, it serves as a captivating backdrop for photos. Additionally, a remarkable 3D Lego pilot, towering over 190cm and constructed over 180 hours with 45,033 bricks, weighing 134 kilograms, adds to the store’s awe-inspiring installations.

In celebration of World Lego Day and the store’s official opening at DXB, passengers in Concourse B were treated to the presence of a walkabout Lego pilot from January 25 to 28. As part of the festivities, over 1,000 Lego gifts were generously distributed to travelers, enhancing the joyous occasion.

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