A massive Disney Festival is coming to Dubai

What’s your favourite Disney movie? Come on, don’t be shy, we’ve all got one.

Sleeping Beauty? Finding Nemo? The Incredibles? The Jungle Book?

Try and keep calm, but there’s a gigantic festival of Disney movies coming to Dubai next month, and it’s going to be the single biggest set of Disney screenings the city has ever seen. The absolute geniuses at Dubai Opera have confirmed that nearly 50 of the classic cartoon house’s top animated and live action movies will be hitting the big screen from Thursday August 15 through until Friday 30.

Four top movies will be shown every day through until Saturday August 24, then Thursday 29 and Friday 30 will see another four movies screened each day. And, the best bit, tickets start from Dhs60 for adults and Dhs40 for kids, and that even includes the odd singalong special screening.

Alternatively, day passes for all four movies on a single day come in at Dhs95 for adults and Dhs75 for kids. And if you really love Disney and just can’t stand missing a single one, you can see all 48 for Dhs495 for adults and Dhs295 for kids.

The full schedule is below, do not miss your chance to see all of these wonderful movies in what has got to be one of the summer’s top deals. Book your tickets by heading to www.dubaiopera.com.

Date               Start time        Title
Thu 15 Aug    9:30 AM        Peter Pan
Thu 15 Aug    1:00 PM        Treasure Island
Thu 15 Aug    4:30 PM        Honey I shrunk The Kids
Thu 15 Aug    8:00 PM        Freaky Friday
Fri 16 Aug      9:30 AM        Alice in Wonderland
Fri 16 Aug      1:00 PM        Oliver And Company
Fri 16 Aug      4:30 PM        Ratatouille
Fri 16 Aug      8:00 PM        Beauty And the Beast (singalong)
Sat 17 Aug      9:30 AM        Finding Nemo
Sat 17 Aug      1:00 PM        20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Sat 17 Aug      4:30 PM        Kidnapped
Sat 17 Aug      8:00 PM        Moana
Sun 18 Aug     9:30 AM        Snow White
Sun 18 Aug     1:00 PM        Sleeping Beauty
Sun 18 Aug     4:30 PM        Cinderella
Sun 18 Aug     8:00 PM        The Little Mermaid
Mon 19 Aug    9:30 AM        The Many adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Mon 19 Aug    1:00 PM        Escape to witch Mountain
Mon 19 Aug    4:30 PM        Return From Witch Mountain
Mon 19 Aug    8:00 PM        The Jungle Book
Tue 20 Aug      9:30 AM        Moana
Tue 20 Aug      1:00 PM        Muppet Treasure Island
Tue 20 Aug      4:30 PM        The Swiss Family Robinson
Tue 20 Aug      8:00 PM        Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Wed 21 Aug     9:30 AM        Bambi
Wed 21 Aug     1:00 PM        Lady And The Tramp
Wed 21 Aug     4:30 PM        The Aristocats
Wed 21 Aug     8:00 PM        101 Dalmatians
Thu 22 Aug      9:30 AM        A Bugs Life
Thu 22 Aug      1:00 PM        Monster Inc
Thu 22 Aug      4:30 PM        Monster Uni
Thu 22 Aug      8:00 PM        Herbie The Love Bug
Fri 23 Aug        9:30 AM        Pinocchio
Fri 23 Aug        1:00 PM        Pollyanna
Fri 23 Aug       4:30 PM        The Parent Trap (new)
Fri 23 Aug       8:00 PM        Mary Poppins
Sat 24 Aug       9:30 AM        Bedknobs And Broomsticks
Sat 24 Aug       1:00 PM        Hercules
Sat 24 Aug       4:30 PM        Tron
Sat 24 Aug       8:00 PM        Hocus Pocus
Thu 29 Aug     9:30 AM        Robin Hood
Thu 29 Aug     1:00 PM        The Mighty Ducks
Thu 29 Aug     4:30 PM        High School Musical 3
Thu 29 Aug     8:00 PM        Cool Runnings
Fri 30 Aug       9:30 AM        The Rescuers
Fri 30 Aug       1:00 PM        The Incredibles
Fri 30 Aug       4:30 PM        Wall ‘E
Fri 30 Aug       8:00 PM        Toy Story 2

Dhs60 (adult single movie), Dhs40 (kids single movie), Dhs95 (adult day pass), Dhs75 (kids day pass), Dhs495 (adult season pass), Dhs295 (kids day pass). Aug 15-30, timings vary. Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai, www.dubaiopera.com.