Kaleidoscope festival to exhibit Stunning photography at Expo 2020

Be prepared to experience a light show every night of your visit to Expo 2020 Dubai. Kaleidoscope, an outdoor night-time light festival, will illuminate structures designed by ‘starchitects’ – including Asif Khan, Foster + Partners, Grimshaw and Hopkins Architects – and landscaped public areas on site. Kaleidoscope projects include photography, light and visual arts. Global festivities, namely Diwali and Christmas, will be brought to life with the festival across the venue, telling powerful stories in immersive ways. | Above: Al Wasl Plaza, heart of Expo, designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards (HIPA) is providing much of the light show’s imagery and has been specially chosen to link to Expo’s subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability using imagery from HIPA’s archive, which stretches back to its founding in 2011. Grant Reid, Vice President, Events and Entertainment, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “While the past 18 months have been unprecedently challenging, we believe that collaboration can inspire a better future – something we hope to highlight in our light show. A kaleidoscope is symbolic: once shaken, it shows something new but equally beautiful; and light has the power to conquer darkness. Through Kaleidoscope, our subthemes – Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability – will be vividly brought to life, reminding us of their relevance now more than ever before.” | Above: Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion designed by UK-based Grimshaw Architects.

OSAMA ZAID AL-ZBEIDI. Grand prize winner of HIPA 2013-2014, Emirati photographer Al-Zbeidi emerged victorious out of several contenders competing in the ‘Beauty of Light’ category with a distant shot of the desert dunes coloured by the sun’s sinking rays.

ANURAG KUMAR. Grand prize winner of HIPA 2014-2015, Indian photographer Kumar captures the vivid celebratory spirit of the Indian festival of colours ‘Holi’ in motion for the ‘Life in Colour’ category. MAOYUAN CUI. Featured in the book edition of the fourth season ‘Life in Colour’, Chinese photographer Cui’s snap assembles a row of people donned in electric blue and red garments juxtaposed with the looming volcano breathing smoke.

CAROLINE WELSING. A child receives a stream of light in this black and white photograph taken by Wesling, a Dutch entry featured in the ‘Beauty of Light’ category’s book edition.

MUJEEB RAHIMAN KIZHAKKECHALIL. The fourth prize winner in the ‘Life in Colour’ category, Kizhakkechalil’s photo captures a delighted young monk in the act of grabbing one of the coloured prayer flags hanging above him. MANFRED JOHANN HOLZL. This work of Austrian entrant Hoelz is featured in the ‘Black and White’ sub-category of the ‘Beauty of Light’ book edition. TRAN VAN HUNG. Vietnamese photographer Tran’s picture above, where a pair of crouching children blend into the surrounding statues, can be found under the ‘General’ category of the ‘Beauty of Light’ book.

BEN CANALES. A starry nightscape with the Milky Way for a backdrop lit in greenish hues is the work of American photographer Canales, whose photo is featured in the ‘Beauty of Light’ photobook as well. Alongside showcasing Expo’s subthemes, dynamic programming and the power of human connection, the light festival will also offer a self-guided visitor experience, with provisions made for social distancing.