Al Quoz Antique Museum in Dubai – A retail treasure trove


Dubai’s versatility has always charmed visitors and from the world’s biggest mall to the souks in Old Dubai, it has become a shopper’s paradise.

While most of the city’s retail destinations are well known, there are still some hidden gems waiting to be explored. Case in point, the oft-unheard-of Antique Museum.

One clear sign that it’s a special find is the fact that it’s withstood the test of time; it’s celebrating its 26th anniversary on Tuesday, September 7.

Despite its intriguing name, the Antique Museum, located in Dubai’s Al Quoz, is less of a museum and more of a vast storage facility and retail space, featuring a wide and eclectic range of unique goods. It’s run by the Fakih Group, and you can find everything from handcrafted furniture to souvenirs.

Although the space is spread across an impressive 72,000 square feet, the exterior of the venue is rather unassuming; so much so that you might miss it, unless you know specifically where you’re going

However, once you actually make your way inside, you’ll find a mix of curiosities and trinkets that take hours to browse through. According sales supervisor Rajesh Rakesh Vas, there are products from more than 27 countries available in the space, with most of them purchased outside the country.

There are plenty of unique regional products on offer as well. Vas points to the collection of antique Iranian and Emirati coffee pots as an example. Some other bestsellers include a wide selection of Arabesque lamps and handcrafted furniture, such as an Omani cabinet. There are vases, frames, sculptures and several other home decor items, while tourists may also benefit from browsing the range of souvenirs.

The sales staff are enthusiastic and insist on showing you around the sprawling, well-stocked space, offering a history on the products available.

If you’re planning a visit, best to have a clear idea of what you’re on the lookout for, or be open to the fact that you’ll have to browse for quite a while to find real steals. Finally, don’t be afraid to haggle at the venue. Unlike a lot of commercial outlets in the UAE, customers have a say in the prices over at Antique Museum.

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