The Top Burj Khalifa +Morning treat

Have you ever experienced sunrise breakfast? Dubai is the best place to do it. Every Saturday and Sunday you can admire the unbelievable beauty of the sunrise from the highest building in the world and then indulge in delicious pastry and drinks.

In order to receive the best view of the sunset, you need to arrive at our place between 05:00 am and 07:30 am. Use an elevator to get to the 124 level where the venue is located. Enjoy the amazing view of Dubai and watch how the city is waking up. Then go down to the ground floor to get your complimentary morning treat.


The morning treat is served on the ground floor located on the way to The Dubai Mall. It consists of one pastry and one drink that you can choose from several options available at the Cafe at that moment.

Pastry: Croissant / Puff etc. ( Subject to availability, can be changed without prior notice)
Beverages: Coffee / Tea / Soft drink.
Opening hours
5 am to 7.30 am on Saturday and Sunday.

Burj Khalifa Sunrise + Breakfast tickets price incudes sunrise experience and breakfast. Children under 3 years old are permitted free of charge.

US$ 42