Burj Khalifa : ‘At the Top’ Ticket


Entrance tickets to the 124th, 125th floor are available for 30-minute-time slots. But please, be prepared to wait for up to 30 minutes in a line. Whereas you buy a ticket for a specified time, you may stay at the viewing deck as long as you wish. The ticket price depends on the time of visit. The most expensive are premium sunset tickets. Kids from 4 -12 years old are allowed to visit At The Top, Burj Khalifa with a discount. If you are going to the United Arab Emirates and plan a short stay in Dubai, we recommend booking a ticket to At The Top, Burj Khalifa in advance as the tickets are quickly sold out.

The price depends on the time of visit.

$ 47

They say if you haven’t been to At The Top Burj Khalifa, you haven’t been to Dubai. And they are absolutely right. The tallest in the world, the 828-meter building, looks gorgeous in the unparalleled ultra-modern skyline of the city.¬†Those who truly want the experience of being ‘on top of the world’ can easily make an online booking for Burj Khalifa At The Top and get real-time confirmation to access it.

Your unforgettable journey begins by riding the fastest double-deck elevator. Then you arrive at the 124th floor and step out to a viewing deck. There you see the stunning ocean, desert, and Dubai’s iconic cityscape. Moreover, you may have a closer look at the atmospheric place with a telescope. Just imagine the amazing photos of the view from Top Burj Khalifa. If you go up to the 125 floor, you immerse into Eastern fairytale, as the deck is embellished in a stunning Arabic mashrabiya. Lastly, you must not miss the breathtaking experience of stepping on the glass floor with a twist and feeling of cracking glass under you!

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Burj Khalifa : ‘At the Top’ Ticket
$ 47